People You Should Know – Frank Ruvoli

In Episode 4 of People You Should Know, we chat with Realtor and Musician, Frank Ruvoli. Frank manages his real estate career and his musical dreams in perfect harmonization. Frank’s ability to strike a cord with his buyers and listeners, makes him this weeks People You Should Know.

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In this episode, we discuss everything from the wine in Italy, the current post covid NWI housing market, and what music you can expect hearing at one of Frank’s shows (hint – Ice Cube is my favorite). One question I did not ask, is how he balances two separate dreams so seamlessly. I will definitely be asking him at the next show I catch.

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Whether you are looking to purchase a home from The Ruvoli Group or catching one of his local shows, Frank has an innate ability to connect with his audience and clients. As a realtor and acoustic musician, Frank pursues his passions with dedication and authenticity that is unmatched. It is truly a gift to be able to connect with his clients and audience in a way that Frank does.

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Learn more about Frank Ruvoli Music and get a free download of his original song Butterfly here. Looking to purchase a home or have a real estate question? Easily connect with Frank on The Ruvoli Group website. Give Frank a follow on Instagram to easily stay up to date with Frank news and keep up with his show schedule (I will probably see you at one)!

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People You Should Know – Jose Escalera

In Episode 3 of People You Should Know we chat with CEO of The Idea Farm, Jose Escalera. In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, marketing is a crucial component for any brand’s success. As traditional marketing practices continue to fade away, entrepreneurs with a flair for a creative marketing approach have emerged as game-changers.

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In this episode, we discuss everything from free marketing tools for your business, Jose’s 3 Second Rule, and how AI can help your small business thrive. From social media campaigns to influencer partnerships, Jose understands the importance of staying relevant and engaging with the clients target market through multiple outlets. Jose has a talent to adapt to emerging trends and technologies, ensuring not only his business, but your brand remains at the forefront of the digital landscape.

Jose is not only is CEO of The Idea Farm, but owns Classic Cuts Barber Shop in Valparaiso, IN as well. Having worked with both companies as a photographer/videographer through my business, Rock and Leaf Designs, I can personally vouch for both these brands. His ability to understand customer behavior, optimize your marketing budget, and to make informed decisions that yield tangible results, makes Jose this weeks People You Should Know.

Learn more about The Idea Farm and how you can grow your business or brand here. I highly recommend you checking out their new blog as well for free business tips and the latest trends. I have been busy this past week filming some exciting new content for them so give them a follow on Instagram to stay up to date!

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I Hate Billy D

In Episode 2 of People You Should Know we talk about why you should hate Billy D. Not literally, but I love his tagline.

I honestly had a blast getting to sit and chat with him. We talk about everything from Karen’s, that one time Billy got punched, and creepy fans. View the Youtube or Listen in On Spotify.

Comedy is a form of art and Stand Up Comedian Billy D Dodaro has mastered this. I was able to catch him perform in May at the Smoke & Joke Comedy show and to describe his comedy style I am going to steal the quote right from his Instagram “He’s pretty funny as long as you have a good sense of humor, slight mental illness and immense cynicism about everything.” 

From Indiana to Wisconsin, this funny guy is getting gasps and laughs. Cursing, racy jokes, mixed with his sarcastic sense of humor, really gives his whole performance a vibe that of course is not for everyone, but I find absolutely entertaining. You can catch this Stand Up guys schedule on facebook and instagram and I highly recommend catching his next show!

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People You Should Know – Mario Dee

We are excited to launch our first episode of the JessExploring People You Should Know Series! We sat down with Mario Dee, Owner of Chicago Health and Fitness in Hobart, IN to kick things off!

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Mario Dee is a Boston native and owner of Chicago Health & Fitness in Hobart, IN and recently celebrated his 12 year business anniversary. In the interview, we discussed everything from reaching your PR goals, pre workout, to community involvement, to just enjoying the journey. Check out the full interview on our Youtube Channel.

Listen to the Full Interview On Spotify. Click Here.

Starting a gym is not an easy task, but maintaining it successfully is even more challenging. It requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and passion. Mario Dee has just that. He truly creates an environment that motivates people to achieve their health and fitness goals while feeling like family. I really admired the drive Mario has not only with his family and business, but also with his involvement in the community.

Mario is an active owner at his gym. Although, he can’t effectively commit to personal training full time, he is always on-site to answer any questions and go through a work out. I had the pleasure of Mario taking me through a work out after the interview and he pointed out things I definitely need to be working on and was super helpful in talking me through what I need to do to reach my goals.

Chicago Health in fitness is located at 1435 S Lake Park Ave in Hobart, IN. The gym features PLENTY of exercise equipment, tanning, and personal training. You can also get a protein packed smoothie at the in-house Cafe. (Watch the interview to see what Marios specialty smoothie is!)

The gym is open 24 hours and you can find more information on their Facebook page Chicago Health & Fitness. Visit the gym to sign up and mention the JessExploring video to waive the sign up fee!

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